The School of Languages, Linguistics, and Semiotics focuses on:

Organization of seminars, conferences, and workshops

The organization of seminars, roundtables, and workshops especially for Ph.D. students is part of the School’s activities.

In 2020, the School will release two teaching manuals on French and English language.

The School of Languages, Linguistics, and Semiotics  carries out research projects in the field of language, Linguistics, and Semiotics

One of the School’s projects which are currently being finalized is a series of practical lessons to the attention of managers who wish to develop their skills.

The second project of the School is the preparation of courses of French as an academic language for international students enrolled in a French university or graduate school.


The main objective of the School of Languages, Linguistics, and Semiotics can be summarized as:

– Teaching methodology of Languages, Linguistics and Semiotics research,

– Implementing research project in Languages, Linguistics and Semiotics

– Publication of literary research, novel and poetry and the research of Languages, Linguistics and Semiotics in different languages,

– Organization of conferences, seminars, symposia and other public events whose objective would be the contribution to the standing of comparative literature studies,

– Development and expansion of cooperation in the field of fundamental research,

– Promoting the mobility of researchers and the free flow of ideas and information.

The School of Languages focuses at first on teaching methodology in various disciplines. These courses are provided through workshops of analysis and data processing.

The School of Languages and Literatures also organizes specialized training sessions in close collaboration with public and private universities and training centers. The School will continue its involvement in training, paying special attention to the quality of training contributing to the professional integration of young researchers and Ph.D. candidates.