The school of Languages, Linguistics, and Semiotics of MGU brings together researchers and professors in languages and more specifically specialists in educational science and methodology of language teaching. The school has what it takes to play a leading role in modern and classical literature studies as well as language studies. This school offers a multilingual program through courses and seminars in language and literature and is also developing a database and a library specialized in promoting the publication of books in its program.

The school of Languages, Linguistics, and Semiotics offers international students the opportunity to improve their skills in French, English, etc, taking into account the specificities of their field of specialization. For example, we have courses in French applied to gastronomy for students of the major French gastronomy schools. Thus language learning is accelerated in the main field of study. In the same way, international students who are enrolled in a French higher education institution to carry out a master’s or a doctorate may benefit from the programs offered by Methodologica Governance University whose objective is to help them write in French while respecting a methodology appropriate to their discipline. By following French courses adapted to their academic or professional needs, with a method set up to facilitate and accelerate learning, students can improve their level of French significantly and continuously.

School’s program is devoted to:

– Learning of French language

– FLE (French as a foreign language)

– FLU (French as an academic language)

– EAL(English as an academic language)

– Courses and practical training for professionals.